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Since 2001, we have been giving out blankets and clothing to homeless people in the tri-state area near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Time has been spent with each individual to give encouragement, advice and religious direction.  Groups of volunteers have carried out these activities throughout the year  on a semi-weekly basis.  These activities furthered our purpose of sharing what we had with those who were less fortunate and helping them to regain a stable home environment.  These activities are funded by the donations of local organizations, caring individuals and our home church.



We are presently in a growing stage.  It is our desire to open a homeless mission where we can provide greater services to more people.  We have chosen to serve the people in South Jersey.  We are an incorporated, tax-exempt, non-profit organization.  We are looking to expand our activities by training the homeless in basic skills and continuing to grow into the mission that we plan to be.  Our plans are to grow into a full size mission that will enable us to serve greater numbers of  people on a full time basis.



We accomplish our mission by reaching out to those having difficulty and meeting them where they are to build them up with love and encouragement.  They are to get involved by serving others in order to build their self-esteem and community relationships.  We will teach them to be self-reliant and independent by showing them life and job skills.  Our mission will be accomplished by going into the depth of each individual’s problems to get to the root cause of their distress.  We plan to start as a halfway house and grow into the full service mission that we aspire to be.  We will grow to service more complex challenges as our experience allows.


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