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“What made me join Sure House Missions was the way they care by providing spiritual, emotional, physical and survival needs. The mat making group I started was a response to God's calling to serve, connect and share His love to the homeless. Our group has grown and so has the love between everyone involved to serve and produce over 30 mats this year alone. Thank you to Barbara and Tim Bash, Kathy Sparano and all the wonderful women that make our mission possible by embracing this endeavor.”
“It is such a wonderful feeling of joy when someone from Philly sends me a message saying they saw a homeless person sitting on one of our mats. Making mats for the homeless not only has provided me with a way to help those less fortunate but it also gives me a sense of purpose and a way to serve God. It feels good to know that in some small way I am making a difference in someone’s life."

It was an awesome experience being a part of Sure House Mission for a day. To see how the volunteers openly welcomed the people in need and how the people in Camden felt comfortable interacting with everyone was humbling and an unexpected experience.
   --Maria ‘Maggie’ Mendez

I was humbled to be part of such a caring team. To serve for a couple hours was an awesome experience. The gratitude these people have over the smallest details that often we take for granted; help put my life into perspective. My little issues are nothing compared to what these people deal with on a daily basis. With a grateful heart, this experience was very humbling to me!   --Maria Mendez

It was indeed an awesome experience and I found myself wanting to do more. I wanted to just come home and collect whatever I can offer to help those that were in need. It was all so sentimental and touching for me because I have lost family members in similar situations. I will continue to do what I can and more importantly pray for those who are in this situation.    --Nancy Gonzalez

As a person who grew up in Camden, I have been wanting to give back to this community in need for a very long time. Sure House Mission has affirmed its mission by cultivating great partnerships within the community. The experience was quite emotional for me as I quickly discovered the connections, the ministry was able to have with those Spanish speaking individuals. We realized that those individuals we were interacting with could very much could be an aunt (tia), uncle (tio) or cousin (prima) struggling with addiction. Thank you, Sure House, for providing us an opportunity to connect with some great volunteers. I am eternally grateful that “ya era tiempo” really turned into “right on time” as we wanted to connect with a meaningful service project to do as a ministry.
   --Heather Medina

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