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Give the Gift of Service

Sure House relies on its dedicated volunteers to carry out its mission. We have a wide variety of opportunities for people of all skill levels and abilities that also fit into your schedule.

Ways You Can Help


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Let us know where you would like to help!

Woman with Bible


Prayer is our most valuable resource. Without it, there is no point in going any further. Prayer is where we go before our Heavenly Father to petition our needs and claim faith in His provisions.


It is where we fight the spiritual warfare that is behind homelessness, loneliness, addictions in this fallen world. Prayer is where we intercede for those who are struggling, hurting, lost, or in need of healing.


We always pray, above all, that those we reach would come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for:

  • The homeless

  • Those battling addictions and strongholds

  • Those facing loneliness and hardship in need of help.

  • For the street outings, that they are fruitful and effective in reaching those in need.

  • For our Community Cafe as it provides a place of loving care.

  • For our volunteers as they do the work of the ministry.

  • For our leadership team as we follow God's direction and guidance.

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